How to Stay Healthy When Travelling

Eating healthily whilst travelling can sometimes be quite problematic. Whether you are just going for a weekend jaunt in Europe or you are planning something more extreme, such as backpacking through Asia, finding healthy options isn’t always as easy as you might think. Not having access to a kitchen is usually the biggest barrier to being able to prepare healthy food. Also, if you’re staying in a fancy hotel during your trip then the temptation to indulge in the restaurant, and also in the bar, can often be impossible to resist. However, if you have fitness goals and dietary aims then it is important to remember that they don’t always have to take a break just because you are!

The prominence of healthy fast food is growing rapidly in the UK and the US, but when you are in more remote parts of the world you are unlikely to come across this trend in such abundance. That is not to say that it is impossible though! A quick scout online of your target destination will reveal to you the best vegan / vegetarian / healthy places to dine – most probably accompanied by a collection of reviews from previous visitors. If you seek out a place this way then remember to leave a review of your experience for the next health conscious traveller to discover!

If you are undertaking a longer adventure on a budget then it might often seem necessary to live on instant noodles and cheap carb loaded snacks. This can be avoided by seeking out the local markets were you will usually be able to find low price fruit and vegetables to indulge on. This is a particularly good idea if you do not have access to a kitchen to prepare food. There is bound to be a great selection of local produce and you may even come across fruits and vegetables that you’ve not tasted before – make sure you always wash food properly before you eat it though!

Of course eating healthily is only half of the equation. It’s also important to remain active and make an effort to incorporate exercise into your travels. Exploring your destination on foot is a great way to do this and a day spent out walking and seeing the sights will soon amount to some serious calorie burning. It is easy to take compact exercise equipment, such as a skipping rope, with you to mix things up a bit! You can also use your own body to exercise for a short time each day, such as doing press-ups, squats, lunges and more! There’s really no limits to how you can use your own body as an exercise machine, so get creative!