Eating for Oral Health

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and taking care of our teeth is an important aspect of overall good health. When you negate your oral health, problems can quickly arise which could lead to a costly trip to the dentist! The foods and drinks that we consume can play a big part in how healthy our teeth are and it’s not difficult to make certain dietary changes to make improvements. In doing so, you can work to avoid painful problems and discolouration.

Encouraging the production of saliva in your mouth is a great way to keep your teeth clean. If you do this by eating foods that are quite crunchy, then you will also be helping to remove plaque from your teeth at the same time. Try apples, celery, nuts and raw carrots to start. These foods make great snacks at any point during the day and will be of particular use if you consume them after a meal.

Strawberries are not only a delicious sweet treat but they are also fantastic for the health of your teeth. In fact, any fruit or vegetable that is high in vitamin C will do good things for your oral health. This is because they encourage collagen growth as well as the development of connective tissue between your gums and your teeth. Vitamin C helps blood vessels to become stronger whilst also reducing inflammation, both important factors in combating the common oral health problem, gingivitis.

Raisins are a popular snack, especially amongst young children. If you ensure that you are eating a brand that has no added sugar then this food type will also provide benefits for your oral health. This is because raisins contain phytochemicals which prevent the growth of certain bad bacteria in the mouth. Adding raisins to your diet once or twice a week is a good way to improve the general health of your mouth.

It is also possible to use certain foods to directly whiten your teeth. For example, taking a piece of orange peel and rubbing it over your teeth is known to be a good way to remove stains. In fact, the majority of citrus fruits are thought to be good for this purpose, but oranges are the most preferable as they cause the least amount of damage to your enamel. If you do this just two or three times a week, then you will soon notice the stains on your teeth begin to get better in appearance.

It is important to both eat the correct foods and make regular visits to your dentist. In doing so you will preserve your beautiful smile and avoid problems in the future!

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