How Self-Confidence Will Change Your Life

In our modern society, judging ourselves and our bodies is something that comes incredibly naturally to a lot of people. Both men and women are afflicted by this problem and it can lead to equally damaging behaviours in both sexes. There are countless companies cashing in on this by selling diet pills, make-up and endless creams and lotions to reverse ageing and perfect our skin. And it’s not only the pharmacuetical and cosmetic companies exacerbating this issue. The high street shops and fashion retailers who tell us which clothes to buy in order to look skinny and fashionable are also adding to this problem.

This lack of self confidence can soon lead to greater problems, such as social or general anxiety, which can really hinder your day to day life. Anxiety can make even the smallest, easiest of tasks seem complicated and impossible which then often causes people to avoid certain situations altogether. Attempts to self-medicate this anxiety away can also commonly lead to drug and alcohol dependance as a few drinks to power through a social occasion develops into a habbit. People who lack self-confidence are often the best at pretending, but having to do so can be incredibly exhausting.

When you are able to let your authentic self present itself, free of the disguises and tricks you have used to keep it hidden, then you will find that you’re able to move through the world with much greater ease than before. Self-confidence, alongside self-love, is the key to a free existence where dependance on the validation of others simply does not exist. Learning to love your natural form – hair, skin, emotions, fears and every aspect of the package – is the biggest step you can take towards living a life of happiness. Embracing the flaws and understanding that it is these flaws which make you who you are, is essential in building a confidence so true that no make-up advert or ignorant opinion can leave even the slightest of dents in it.

This of course isn’t something that’s going to happen in a day, or in any unreasonably small pocket of time. It is a process that must be approached with complete honesty and an unrelenting willingness to change. As your fake exterior is peeled away, your true self-confident self will emerge and never look back!