The Journey From Fat to Fit

Self-image is a very powerful idea. How you look and feel about yourself can dictate a lot of things you do. It influences how you interact with people and your surroundings. Positive reinforcement of self-image can give you a lot of benefits and mostly, for yourself.


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3 thoughts on “The Journey From Fat to Fit”

  1. I agree with you on the plant based diet, the breathing techniques but disagree slightly with the exercise . I have tried and failed at most sports over my 57 years and have learnt that if it is competitive I will notstickat it. However, if I enjoy it then I will persist …i.e.jogging. That was fine until I became aware of the benefits of yoga, pilates, classes were done & I discovered cross fit. This I love. But back to my main point about aerobic exercise. It can be more damaging for us over 50’s. We need to remember or relearn flexibility, build our core strength, do a little aerobic work, some weight training and crossfit gives us this. Along with encouraging a paleo diet to keep our hearts and minds alert

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