How to Tackle Anxiety and Depression

There are such a wide range of reasons why a person might struggle with anxiety and depression that it is impossible to say that everyone can benefit from the same advice. However, there are certain things at the core of these mental health issues that people may share. These things can pertain to a prolonged traumatic experience, an isolated incident or a genetic pre-disposition – to name just a few!

Regardless of the initial reasons why anxiety or depression may have struck, there are certain ways to address these issues in order to work towards a resolution and an improved general quality of life.

First, and arguably the most conventional solution, you may find that seeking professional help and guidance is the best way to address your struggles. Talking therapy is an especially constructive way of getting to the root of your problems and for equipping yourself with coping mechanisms. The validation and clarity that therapy can provide can be a key turning point on the road to recovery for many people. Your GP will be able to put the wheels in motion for you if you are unable to seek a private therapist.

On a more personal level, finding ways to care for and have compassion for yourself is a useful skill to master. This can take many forms, but essentially means that you will always recognise and prioritise your own needs. It also means being more supportive and forgiving of yourself and your mistakes. Doing so can help you to always be aware that your feelings and emotions are completely valid and that any negativity can be overcome.

Having a belief in your own personal strength can help to build your self worth which can be useful in overcoming anxiety and depression. Every difficult thing that you have experienced in your life has helped you to grow as a person, and with each incident you will have undoubtedly become a stronger person. Take the time to give yourself credit for this and to understand that you have the potential to overcome any challenging experience.

Finally, figure out what your boundaries are and make sure that anybody who is present in your life knows what these boundaries are. Do not be afraid to say no to things you are uncomfortable with. Be sure not to compromise your boundaries in any circumstances and always re-iterate to yourself that they are important.

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6 thoughts on “How to Tackle Anxiety and Depression”

  1. Very well written! A lot of people can take something like Depression or Anxiety and go into a medical conversation, when they’re not even a doctor. But you took a more sensible route and as being a sufferer of anxiety your suggestions/advice to make sense. Thanks!

  2. Hi, thx for your posts. I found you through IG and started following you…I love your posts there and your blog…You somehow always have the right quote or post just when I need it.I have a few questions for you though, I am guessing you have a TV show of sorts? Also, why did you and your family move to the Mapperton Estate? Is that part of a show?
    Thanks and Happiness and Sunshine from California!

  3. Someone once told me to learn to be a gentle friend to myself. However, it is a learning process that takes time, and it is not easy.
    Thanks for a great article.

  4. Thanks for the nice read. I guess it should be much easier to be kind to ourselves but when struggling with anxiety and depression and all the mental baggage that comes with it giving yourself the kindness you need and deserve is much, much easier said than done.

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