Following Your Path of Passion

In a blog post last week I spoke of how it is possible to discover your passion in life by exploring the things that you are curious about. My advice was aimed at those who are perhaps feeling frustrated by the fact they do not yet know what they want to do with their lives.

Today I would like to continue this trail of thought. However, I want to focus more on the things that are true of life passions that only someone who has experienced theirs can tell you.

First of all, as I touched on briefly last week, many people are not born knowing what their passion is. Instead they have to cultivate theirs through self-discovery and much soul-searching. This is a process that can’t be rushed and must be allowed to develop at its own pace. 

Secondly, although society tells us that we must have a calling in life and strive to fulfil it, there is nothing wrong with not currently having a passion. This is just another example of trying to live a life that is moulded by the expectations of someone else. If you are happy with the way that you are living your life, then there is no reason to change just because of the implied expectation that you will do something different.

Thirdly, passion is often a development of first caring about something. Of course all of us care about many things. However, there are often things that stick out as being more important than others. Not ignoring these feelings and allowing them to grow can help you to find out what path in life will truly make you happy.

Your path to finding and living your passion will most likely be an unpredictable one. Your route and your focus may change along the way as your understanding of your interests changes. That does not make the journey up until each point any less valid and should not be considered a waste of your time and energy.

Remember, it is not possible to force yourself to follow a passion that you do not truly feel passionate about. You may feel like you should be doing something specific in your life. This is more than likely because people have pressured you into believing this is true. Trying to please someone else instead of following your own path will inevitably end in a negative way. Instead of rushing down the wrong route, give yourself the time you need to grow and make an effort to nurture yourself along the way. The emotional rewards you will get for doing so will far exceed any short term happiness you experience from fulfilling someone else’s expectations of your life!

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4 thoughts on “Following Your Path of Passion”

  1. I loved reading this! As someone who wears a couple different hats in her life, I can relate to following my passions. I think what is especially great about my more recent one, a passion for health and fitness, is the effect and influence it seems to carry to those around me. I never knew by changing something about myself, I would inspire others to do it for themselves. It just goes to show how much power one person can have. Thank you for your post

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