A Note to Highly Sensitive People….

Being told that we are too sensitive is something that many of us experience regularly! Being in touch with our emotions has become something that we are told we should apologise for, but in reality it is something that keeps us in tune with our lives. In the face of this kind of criticism it can be difficult to love yourself and appreciate how this part of your personality is actually beneficial to you and those around you! If there is one thing this world needs then it is definitely more sensitive people!

Being sensitive is one of the most fundamental things about being human, but as we have evolved many of us have lost touch with this part of ourselves. This is why those of us who have retained our sensitive nature often feel the need to apologise for our responses to certain situations. Although it is natural that this would make you want to change your behaviour, it is important to remember that it is the world that needs to adjust and you are in no way at fault.

As a highly sensitive person you are more than likely going to meet many people on your journey through life who will criticise you for being weak. Although it is often futile to try and debate the issue with these people, you have to remember for yourself that it takes strength to feel the pain in situations that other people turn a blind eye to. Far from being full of fear, you are full of the kind of courage that it takes to express yourself when it seems like the world wants you to shy away from your feelings.

In order to create a better world for yourself and those around you, it is essential that you retain your sensitivity; it is your awareness of your life and your environment. The way that you see the world and the way you navigate your time within it is dependant on your sensory perception. As a highly sensitive person you will feel things that others don’t and this is something that you should always see as a blessing! You might also find that you have certain qualities that seem to contradict each other, such as being a strong leader but also someone who becomes vulnerable quite easily.

As a highly sensitive person the chances are that you follow a healthier lifestyle than most. A tendency towards a plant-based diet is common – likely due to the suffering inflicted by the factory farming industry as well as a natural negative reaction towards toxic substances, like sugar and additives.

Regardless of how being a highly sensitive person sets you apart from your friends and family, you must always remember that it makes you the kind, caring person that you are!

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10 thoughts on “A Note to Highly Sensitive People….”

  1. It’s so true that eating a more plant-based diet contributes to sensitivity. For the longest time, I thought I had lost my ability to feel emotions at all, and it sucked! I actually missed sadness! But this year I started a ketogenic diet that has me eating a lot more plant foods than I thought it would, but I can feel again! It’s wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It helps me be better Christian and care for others because I began to feel for them again!

  2. Strength and courage are definitely the markers of a highly sensitive person. I can say that from experience as an empath. It’s not easy processing all the different energies we come into contact with on any given day, or to be around negative energies, or to undergo trauma. Every emotion is amplified, and it takes strength not to block yourself off from that. When we realise our empathic nature, our sensitive nature, can be used as a strength to help and heal ourselves and others, we truly accept ourselves.


  3. I have always been highly sensitive. I agree many people see it as weak. I hate being sensitive, it makes it difficult in social situations sometimes. I have learned to meditate to control my emotions. As I get older I have learned to appreciate it more often. I get tired of trying to learn what people are really thinking or feeling, I see them as being fake. At least close friends and family know that I am real and don’t have to guess my true feelings. I never thought about food being connected to sensitivity though,something to think about.

  4. Spot on!!!! I am also blessed that my husband loves my sensitivity. He says it brings balance to the marriage. I am not saying that to be boastful. I am saying that because there is hope for us. People DO appreciate your sensitivity, even if they never say it.

  5. I think we need people on both ends of the ‘sensitivity spectrum’ – we can all contribute to the world. Highly sensitive people have the knack for being able to help sad people or sense when a boss is a bit angry… Being in touch with emotions has its ups and downs! x

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