Simple Suggestions to Beat Stress

Stress is something that I talk about quite regularly on my blog as I feel it is such an important thing to avoid if we are to maintain optimum health! The statistics as to how many people are seriously stressed out are pretty shocking, with a recent survey suggesting that as much as 80% of America is experiencing stress of some sort! Experts will now tell you that stress, especially stress caused by the workplace, is as bad for your health as second hand smoke is!

The detrimental effect that stress has on your long term mental health is quite serious but it can also extend to your physical health. The most common mental impacts are depression and anxiety whereas common physical complaints associated with stress include heart disease, digestive trouble and autoimmune problems.

If stress is something that you are all too familiar with then the idea of eradicating it or lessening its impact might sound absurd to you. However, before you resign yourself to this way of life forever, check out my following tips for finding some relief!

First of all, create a very practical yet reasonable to-do list for yourself. This should consist of just main tasks that you aim to achieve in the next few weeks. Don’t worry yourself more with long term plans that you want to work towards and similarly don’t concern yourself with the small things that don’t really matter. At the end of every day, take a moment to relax and consider the points on your list. If you find that they are no longer relevant then strike them off as not all of your plans need to be met! Also, of course, if you have achieved any tasks during the day then cross them off also. Try to keep the same list, with any additions, for a few weeks so that you can look back over time and see all that you have accomplished.

Secondly, the way you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So instead of setting your alarm to get you up right before you have to be at work, set it a little earlier and give yourself time to enter the day slowly. As soon as you start to feel awake, stretch your arms and legs and think of three things that you are grateful for. This will help you to get going on a positive note and will also encourage you to show gratitude for those things during the day!

Mindful breathing is a great way to bring some focus back to your day and can be done in any place for any amount of time! When you start to feel the stress seeping in, take yourself to a quiet spot and do some deep breathing exercises with your eyes closed. Allow the calm to regain control and then attempt to continue with your day. If you find that this wasn’t enough to clear your mind then try taking a short walk outside away from other people.

Finally, a huge point of stress in the modern day world is the constant bombardment of technology and social media. If one of the first things you do in the morning is check your Facebook or Twitter feed then you are more than likely to see a scrolling list of other people’s ambitions and achievements. Looking at pictures of your friend’s babies and posts about their job promotions might be a great experience when you are in the right mood but it can also cause feelings of inadequacy to appear. Try to limit your social media use and focus on your own life away from the computer!

14 thoughts on “Simple Suggestions to Beat Stress”

  1. O do find going to bed a little earlier and getting up a bit earlier helps me to be more rested. Blogging and reading my cell phone is part of what “makes me” (keeps me) both relaxed and stressed. I like to be connected and read people’s blogs along with write, but then cannot put it down. I stretch in our morning meeting, then work in a labor intensive job. Take care! No shopping for my Mom and me today. 🙂

  2. I’ve definitely been feeling stressed recently, trying to figure out my next move in life, and keeping my finances in check. I’m hoping some sleep and keeping on my workout schedule will help me focus on what’s important

  3. I couldn’t agree more.
    Starting my day slowly and in the right way makes a huge difference. In the morning, I find also very effective to meditate for 5 minutes, listening to my own breath and practicing 1 gentle yoga for 15 minutes. This practice makes my day awesome as It helps me to bring awareness and reminds me to let go what I have no control of.

  4. Extremely helpful information! It’s vital to layout your goals and plans for the day so that you have a focus. Without a focus, it’s too easy to procrastinate and got lost in your head instead of tackling the things you know you should be. Great post, thank you!

  5. It’s amazing how just the act of writing a to do list can get me focused and ready to take on the week! Also, I agree putting down the phone and making a decision to focus on the present is vital…but so hard to do!

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