How to Embrace Body Positivity

A massive amount of people struggle with eating disorders and a driving factor behind this issue is a perceived negative body image. Struggling with the way you see your body is completely natural but you can overcome it! Being body positive all the time might seem like a challenge but when you take the time to re-evalute your relationship with your body then you can work towards this way of living!

Looking at yourself with more love is the key to improving your body image. You have to realise and accept that you are perfect the way you are. You must also understand that the body you may envision will not make you a happier person or improve other areas of your life. Take the time to notice things about yourself that you love, things about yourself that do make you happy. This in turn will encourage a healthier state of mind when it comes to thinking about your body. Spend time affirming these thoughts in your mind or even saying them out loud. Be sure not to allow negative thoughts to seep into this process and if they do then take a deep breath and get back on track!

We talk frequently about nourishing our bodies but it is absolutely true that our minds need nourishment too. Our minds are constantly taking in information from the things we see, the people we talk to and the sounds we hear. If this information is persistently positive than it is much easier to remain happy and confident. When we exist like this it is much easier to love ourselves and our bodies because positivity is being encouraged. When negative interactions appear during the day then the potential to extend this negativity to all of our thoughts becomes very real. Nourishing your mind in a constructive way and being sure to avoid destructive situations and people is essential in the journey to happiness. This in turn will help with your body image because this self-love will continue to grow.

If you regularly turn to exercise in an attempt to align your body with the way you think it should be then try substituting a workout session for a yoga lesson. Yoga teaches us relaxation and focus. It also teaches us that it is the journey which is important, not the end goal. Applying this thought process to your exercise regime will help you to apply it to every other part of your life. When you stop thinking of life in terms of milestones to reach and specific achievements that you have to accomplish then you can truly just enjoy the path you are taking.

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  1. You have some really good methods and helpful advice! It’s sad how focused on the physical we are today-we hardly take the time to look past the imperfections to see the beauty within. I’m sure it’s a universal struggle we all work to eradicate within the confines of our mind. If only we could see how fabulous we are without needing validation from others

  2. awesome post! I love the idea that we ‘need to nourish our minds’ just like we do our bodies. I also think yoga is wonderful for combating negative body thoughts. Yoga shows me that strength and breath is what matters, not how I look in a pair of jeans.

  3. Such great ideas! It is a shame how our society and media promotes the “perfect” body image. I wish people, myself included, could see how beautiful they already are from the inside out. Your recommendation to do yoga is spot on. That is something I should start doing again.

  4. it`s all about the phcycological aspect. If you try to recieve positive things body reacts more proper than normally do, which means your body works in relax position and you stay happy. Which means body secretes some kind of hormones like serotonin etc. I don`t want you get confused by giving detail information but I can conclude that all diseases we know start with phcychologically in some respect. So, therefore mental health is of immense important for us.

  5. I would like to thank you for this entry because I myself have struggled with an eating disorder/negative body image. I am much more relaxed after reading this and I know all who read this will definitely appreciate it.

  6. Great reminder, I do try to avoid feeding my mind with ‘junk food thoughts’ – advertising and gossip articles just often reinforce negative thought patterns about how we ‘should’ look or what we ‘should’ buy.

  7. Fantastic advice 🙂 Self love is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. If you don’t accept your body for what it is, why should you expect anyone else to? It starts from you, from within.

  8. Very interresting post rich with great advice to have a positive look toword our bodies no matter how we look. Actually, I believe having a positive outlook towards our selves & bodies is a key facter. Plus it is very important to keep surrounding ourselves with positive people who would value us as we are concentrating on our personality. After all, external looks do not last forever, what really matters is the beautiful personality. 😉

  9. We all have high days and low days… Through yoga I’ve found a constant balance, and the kind of perspective that means I’m conscious of the choices I’m making good and bad, and accepting of myself either way… Thanks for sharing the love xxx

  10. Really encouraging post. I use yoga first thing every morning and gradually it quiets the mind. I was badly injured in a car accident over two years ago and I tried to get back into more aggressive sports way too early. After discovering Yoga and meditation I have developed patience to listen to my body instead of constantly pushing myself.
    Yoga has been vital in my healing process as it brings my body into a relaxed state where true healing occurs. I love your idea of substituting a gym workout for yoga because that is exactly what I did, which accelerated my body’s healing process.
    Thank you for your post. Really enjoyed reading it.

  11. I’d like to thank you for writing this. I recently lost around 4 stone and although I am much happier at my new weight I’m really struggling to see the positives with my body. I constantly think I can improve the way I look and am striving to achieve what is probably an un-realistic body image for my shape. I am a healthy weight and have a very good life (generally speaking) and my greatest wish is that I could just be happy with the way I am but it’s such a struggle. I am going to try and adopt some of the positive mantras and techniques that you mention in your blog and you never know, perhaps they will help me overcome my personal demons!

  12. Very insightful post; one which I can certainly relate to. I think the best thing we can do when it comes to our physical health, is to realize that it’s a balance between physical and mental. Learning not to hate our body is a process.

  13. Great post. Thank you for the reminder that we need to feed the mind, the body and the spirit and that being goal orientated can also be a detriment if you let it control you. Also reminds me I need to go finish that body image post I have been working on for the last year.

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