Hurdles to Jump on Your Journey to Happiness

As we get older we come to realise that we will only get from life what we put into it. If we do not strive for the things that we want and invest our time and effort into them, then they are simply unlikely to manifest!

The same logic applies to our emotional state. We can’t expect to become happy people without focusing our time on considering happiness. We have to devote our days to promoting positivity in all that we do in order to allow our minds to accept this as our reality. If we spend great amounts of our time wondering why we are experiencing negative feelings then these feelings are not likely to stop! We have to find ways to adjust our outlook in order to overcome our emotional hurdles.

Everybody has the power to jump these hurdles and not allowing potential perceived problems to influence your mood is a powerful way to start. There are three incredibly common things that many people believe their happiness depends upon. As soon as you realise that they don’t then your ability to find your own happiness and hold onto it will continue to present itself.

The first of these things is believing that your success in life is moulded by your career. You are more than your job! However, some people get bogged down with the assumption that they have to have the amazing job title they often dream of in order to become fulfilled. It is unrealistic to assume that you are going to walk out of education into your fantasy job and realising that you have to work your way to where you want to be will help to keep you positive in the long run.

The second of these things is your romantic relationship status. Many people jump from one relationship to the next without taking the time to understand why these relationships aren’t working. It may sound cliché but it is absolutely true that you can’t be genuinely happy with someone else until you are happy with yourself. So try instead to focus on your relationship with yourself, your own self-love, and the rest will come in time!

The third and final point is to try not to focus too heavily on your finances. The majority of people believe that life would be easier if they had a bit more money but would it really make you happy? If you are able to support and care for yourself and those who depend on you then you are not doing anything wrong! Instead of thinking that life would be better if you had a higher income, think of all of the good things you have been able to provide for yourself and your family in the present day!

As you sprint forwards and jump over these hurdles you will will notice that your positivity affects other areas of your life, creating a happier, calmer you!

13 thoughts on “Hurdles to Jump on Your Journey to Happiness”

  1. Loved this post! It’s a short read but packed with motivation and wisdom. Thanks for sharing, these seemingly small things can add up to make a big difference!

  2. Love and agree with everything you’ve said. So much of our emotional state is dependent on our perceptions of our lives. There are positive aspects to everything that occurs, we just have to adjust our minds to see things that way. A world of abundance, not scarcity…for there is enough to go around. And more is not necessarily better. I have to keep reminding myself that whatever I’ve done today is enough especially if I have done it with pure intent and a positive attitude. Thank you for sharing some wonderful wisdom with us.

  3. Thanks for this! I needed this reminder. I thought that by now I’d be living in a high rise penthouse with stacks of shoes lol, but I let that ideal go because I learnt I was a slave to my job and it made me unhappy that I was no longer even able to do anything but sleep on my off day and not spend time with family or friends all because I was chasing an ideal. You’re right, what matters is our own happiness within ourselves and everything else will fall into place.

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