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Ask Questions About Your Health to Stay Healthy!

For some people getting ill can be a common occurrence. However, some people get ill so infrequently that symptoms of illness can really catch them off-guard. A lot of people will tell you that they know their bodies so well that they are aware as soon as something starts to feel off; but that’s not the case with everyone!

For those people who aren’t incredibly in-tune with their bodies, asking questions about their health becomes all the more important. When other people ask us questions about our general well-being, such as doctors or family members, then we might not always feel comfortable going into great detail. This can be because of embarrassment about a certain ailment or just the basic desire for privacy. However, when we are asking ourselves these questions there’s absolutely no reason not to be 100% honest. Having said that, you should always be sure to give your doctor all of the information they request!

Asking yourself questions about your health and general well-being can help you to stay on top of any problems that might be developing – regardless of how insignificant they turn out to be!

If, for instance, you feel like your body is reluctant to function the way it usually does, then it’s important to take the time to consider why that might be. Ask yourself what it is your body is saying no to and how you can resolve that issue. Are you eating differently? Are you not getting enough rest? Compile a checklist of usual behaviours and see if any variations have emerged. Your body wants to talk to you and will often communicate in very subtle ways when something isn’t quite as it should be. The longer a problem remains undetected, the louder your body will try to talk to you.

Asking questions about your mental well-being is also important for maintaining optimum physical fitness. Feeling lonely or unhappy can lead to negative behaviours which can then become detrimental to your health on the whole. So, check in with your mind frequently and take positive steps to overcome any issues that you discover.

Your sex life also has a role to play in your overall health. Studies have shown that a healthy sex life can actually lower your risk of certain conditions, such as strokes and heart disease, whilst also helping to alleviate chronic pain and depression. A healthy sex life can also help to lower stress which makes it incredibly useful in our busy modern age of anxiety. Check in on your sex life occassionally to ask yourself if you are satisfied and if not, why not?If there are certain things that you are unhappy with that are within your power to change then make it a priority for your health and for your happiness.

7 thoughts on “Ask Questions About Your Health to Stay Healthy!”

  1. Hi,
    Excellent artilcle. I like that you point out that it is so important to know your body well, to listen to it when it speaks to you. Also like the fact that you pointed out that a healthy sex life is important to a person’s well being. I am not talking about promiscuousness but a healthy loving relationship that entails intimacy.

  2. Hello, Julie! I’m enjoying checking out your blog!
    I was wondering if you can tell me what you know about foods that cause inflammation in the body? I see an ND in a couple of weeks, and I suspect I may have Hashimoto’s disease. I’ve been researching and have eliminated gluten so far, but have also heard that dairy promotes inflammation, also.
    What is your professional opinion?

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