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Get Great Skin the Natural Way

Many products that claim to be great for our skin are actually riddled with chemicals and toxins. Opting for all-natural products is the best way to let our skin breathe the way it needs to. By combining chemical-free skin care products with certain self-care routines, you can get great skin without exposing your body to any unnecessary toxins.

If, like the majority of people, you don’t have time for extensive beauty regimes in the morning, then applying a face mask ten minutes before you get in the shower is a great time-saver. Let the mask work its magic while you wake and then rinse off as you have your shower. Check out my post on The Best Natural Skin Masks for a selection of home-made face mask recipes.

Keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day is key to maintaining a fresh, youthful appearance. Organic hydrosols are the best choice for doing so and you can purchase them easily online. Spraying hydrosols onto your face at regualar intervals throughout the day will nourish your skin with beneficial herbal elements and micro-molecules of essential oil.

As we know, what we put into our bodies directly influences our outward appearance. This is why it’s essential to consume natural produce that is preferably organic. By not giving toxins the chance to infiltrate your system through your food choices, you reduce the risk of blemishes and other inflammations. Similarly, many plant-based foods are known to combat inflammation in the body which is great news for your skin. Making sure you drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day will also help you to remain hydrated. Additionally, aloe vera juice, herbal teas and lemon water are known to be great for the appearance of your skin.

Although it’s not always something you can control, getting enough sleep will also influence the health of your skin. If you are not getting seven hours or more every night then the exhaustion will soon start to be apparent in your appearance. Make sure you are getting to bed early enough each night to get the right amount of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping then you can address this by examining your diet or also by taking supplements like melatonin.

Preventing damage to your skin will obviously help to stop problems before they occur. Staying safe in the sun is an incredibly important part of this! Be sure to choose a chemical free sunscreen and to reapply throughout the day when exposure to the sun is constant. You should also treat your body with a natural after-sun lotion at the end of a long day outside.

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  1. Our bodies are riddled with toxins and then we add insult to injury by absorbing more. The food we eat is loaded with them. The additives are accumulating in our body and we spend a lot of energy to absorb them and fight their menace to our health.

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  3. This is just what I needed! I am reading through a lot of your posts and this one caught my attention. It is 97 degrees here in Washington, DC and keeping my skin healthy and happy in this humidity is a quite the challenge! I’m looking forward to trying to skin mask! – Christie

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