How Self-Love Will Change Your Life

Following my recent post on Taking the Time to Learn to Love Yourself, I thought it’d be an encouraging next step to have a look at how the people who have achieved this live differently to the rest! In the last post I discussed how an open mind and the desire to learn more about yourself and the world around you can change your life and your outlook. But how does that influence other areas of our existence? When you shift from negativity to self-love, what are the real changes that you can expect to start seeing?

Well, first of all, as you start to really listen to your emotions you’ll find that you’re much better equipped to deal with them. Instead of holding them in until you explode, you’ll let them out as and when they occur – resulting in a much calmer attitude and greater peace of mind. This means that when something negative does happen you’ll be able to accept responsibility and resolve the situation, or you’ll be much more capable of not blaming the source of this negativity, working instead to find a solution.

People who have love for themselves are much more at ease spending time alone than others. This fear of being alone can stem from many places and unpleasant experiences. It is essential to overcome these fears and understand that in your own company is a great place to be. Making time to be alone is just as important as spending time with those who encourage and support us. Use this time to partake in an activity or some relaxing meditation instead of wasting it in front of the television or anything equally mind numbing. The point is to be aware of yourself and the time you’re spending with yourself. It’s a great step on a bigger journey of self-discovery. When you do spend time with other people, you’ll notice that you’re less tolerant of toxic relationships and more inclined to form new bonds with other people who know how to love themselves.

When you have truly learnt to love yourself you’ll notice that your need to enjoy your creative pursuits and hobbies will be much greater. You’ll find time to do the things that you enjoy and this in turn will continue to add to your sense of self love. Absolutely everyone is passionate about something and discovering what it is that makes you happy, and then feeding that passion, will enable your happiness to grow and grow.

Mastering the art of self-love could easily cause your life to move in an entirely new direction as you seek the career you always wanted or embark upon the relationship you’ve always deserved. It’s a journey that might seem difficult to grasp at first but inevitably always one worth making!

32 thoughts on “How Self-Love Will Change Your Life”

  1. This post is so important! I remember a saying “In attempting to not feel bad, most people end up feeling just mediocre”. If you sit with the difficult feelings, instead of distracting yourself, you will find your best self!

  2. As we all get wrapped up in our busy lives, this is a great reminder that quiet alone time is essential to be in sync with our emotions and our overall being. Love the article!

  3. Thanks for the post. I’m trying my hardest not to get wrapped up in me and to be more open to people and things going on around me.

    I have a problem though.

    Self Loathing

    I actually don’t like myself or can be bothered with me. I go through the motions of the day because I have kids and a wife. However inside i am empty. I try and appreciate myself, what I can do, what I have done. But at the end of the day there is nothing, just emptiness.

    I hate that feeling. Thank you for posting, great insight.


  4. One of the most beneficial things I learned from undergoing my own therapy, in order to become a therapeutic counsellor, was to learn to love myself. Life truly changed after that. Your blog is inspiring & I try my best to educate others too.

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  6. In a world full of slut shaming, body shaming, and unrealistic expectations, I feel like it is really hard to be happy with yourself. I know a lot of people who hate themselves because people tell them they are sluts or make fun of their “thunder thighs”. I think this is disgusting. We should all be encouraging each other, not telling people their actions or body is not good enough. And it isn’t just boys who do this, girls attack each other to feel better about themselves… it’s horrible. This post is amazing and I totally agree 🙂

  7. This is so great, and I am so glad I found your blog! This year, I am trying to turn a new leaf: eating healthier foods and learning to love myself. As I am trying to do this, I’ve experienced a lot of the points you discussed in this article. Thank you for sharing!

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