Cabbage and Raisin Mash

I needed a new twist on the good ol’ cabbage for my kids…. and so as I was cooking the cabbage, this literally came to me! Make it a mash! And that’s exactly what this is – super quick, easy and totally delicious. I think you will love it and if you have kids, so will they!

Cabbage is so so so full of goodness and children often miss out on this fantastic source of nutrition because they are perhaps not fond of the appearance, texture or taste. However, with mash this is no longer a problem and the inclusion of a selection of sweet ingredients ensures that they are more than happy to eat it!

Cabbage’s potential in regards to cancer prevention has been explored extensively with promising results. Close to 500 studies have taken place relating to cruciferous vegetables and cancer prevention, with cabbage proving it is well worth including frequently in your diet. This is mostly because of the high antioxidant count but is also attributed to its anti-inflammatory potential. Cabbage is also an excellent source of manganese and vitamin C – both of which are absolutely essential if we are to maintain optimum health.

To make this meal even healthier, the dash of cinnamon has been included. Cinnamon has been appreciated throughout history for its healing abilities. Among the amazing things it can do for your body are maintaining blood sugar levels, preventing the growth of bad bacteria in the body and also it helps blood to clot properly. All of that aside, it tastes great and is easy to add into your food everyday!

To make enough to serve 4-6 people find the following ingredients:

1 head of savoy cabbage,
1/2 a cup of coconut milk
1/4 of a cup of raisins
A dash of cinnamon


The first thing you’ll need to do is cut the cabbage into quarters and then slice off the stem. You can then take the quarters and cut them into one-inch strips. The next step is to bring a large pot of water to the boil and add in the cabbage. Boil this pan for 3-5 minutes until the cabbage is somewhat soft. Next, place the cabbage, coconut milk, raisins and cinnamon into your food processor and whiz away until smooth. Finally, place the cabbage mash into bowls and then top with a few more raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

To find more easy recipes like this to nourish you and your children, pre-order my first cookbook!


17 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr. Wapojif says:

    Oh man, this is epic!

  2. What a great idea Julie – thank you! Always looking for more ways to use cabbage! xx

  3. linguistmonk says:

    I am not a big fan of cabbage but this will definitely try.

  4. CC Duvale says:

    This looks amazing! Going to try it this week

  5. womenmotivation says:

    Reblogged this on Women Motivation and commented:
    What an amazing idea!!! Thanks so much I will try this with my 3 year old for sure!!!

  6. RunJillyB says:

    I’m not a cabbage fan as an adult so I will definitely have to try this!

  7. We’re sure it’s tastier than it looks. Inflammation is not necessarily bad though — That’s essentially what’s happening when one exercises.

  8. emailblog23 says:

    These recipes look really great! I have been trying to eat healthier food with less meat. I will be documenting some of my findings on my blog ( ) and I think you might enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Feast Wisely says:

    Raally clever way to use cabbage – I usually revert to a shredded cabbage salad so this has given me some inspiration!

  10. ezmartins says:

    and this tastes good?? Can’t wait to try it for myself =)

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Well, I certainly think so at least and my kids seem to agree 🙂 Let me know what you think!

      1. Sacha says:

        Oh my good my son loves it thank you it’s yummie 🍲

  11. Blueberry Jubilee says:

    Great idea!

  12. richeyjo says:

    This looks and sounds amazing and I’ll definitely be making this recipe – thanks!

  13. elisabet says:

    Well, I seem to be the only person who actually made this. I love cabbage, but this recipe did not sound good. However, it sounded so odd, that I kept thinking about it.
    It is REALLY, REALLY good. And the fact that you made up this recipe, says you actually know your way around the kitchen.
    After eating and absolutely loving it I am ready to get your book.

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