New Year’s Day Yoga

A lovely yogini wrote this about my New Year’s Day class!

South London Yogi

An old Indian proverb apparently says that how you spend the first day of a new year sets the tone for the 364 days that follow. Determined that 2014 wasn’t going to be a year of lying hungover on the sofa (this might have something to do with the fact that I’ve got a big birthday this year) I rolled myself out of bed on 1 January and towards Triyoga.

Triyoga has a lovely tradition of offering free classes on new year’s day at their Chelsea and Primrose Hill branches and, with every other studio in London seemingly shut, I signed up for the midday vinyasa flow class with Julie Montagu. Luckily I hadn’t had too heavy a New Year’s Eve, but having to clear pizza boxes and prosecco bottles from my kitchen was still a good incentive to head to the studio.

Julie’s exactly the kind of…

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  1. Abbi says:

    I managed to do some New Year’s Day yoga too. Although mine was a lot less glamorous since it was YouTube yoga in my front room… but better than nothing, right?

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