Six Ways to Avoid Night Time Cravings!

Night time food binges are something many people can’t resist. Even if you’ve managed the whole day sticking to your diet and getting an adequate amount of exercise, sometimes the urge to binge late in the evening wins over your will power! For some this can consist of a naughty snack after dinner, but for others it can involve over-eating late into the night when they should be in bed giving their bodies the rest it deserves. If this sounds like you then don’t worry! You’re definitely not alone and here I’ve got seven great tips to help you avoid this behaviour.

six_ways_to_avoid_night_time_cravings1)      Always Eat Breakfast

This might sound obvious to many people but it’s surprising just how many people skip breakfast. Some will say they were too busy for a morning meal whilst others will use new diet restrictions as an excuse not to eat first thing. Whatever your excuse is, stop using it! If you are rushed in the morning then simply wake a little earlier and always choose a low fat, high protein option that will give you a boost before your day has really begun. Eggs are a great option, as is fruit. Or why not try making scrambled tofu with a selection of vegetables on brown toast – delicious!

2)      Avoid Calorific Drinks

It is so easy to drink a massive amount of your recommended daily calories. Coffee, tea, sodas and juices can contain shocking amounts of sugar which can cause disruption to blood levels and leave you craving more of the sweet stuff.

3)      Eat Regular Meals

Keeping your meal times regular will help your body to form a natural rhythm too. If you have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time each day then you will create a balance and your body will be less likely to crave foods at inappropriate times. You should apply this thinking to snacking in between meals too. Healthy light snacks are fine and actually encouraged to help regulate your metabolism but try to be consistent in this too.

4)       Include Good Fatssix_ways_to_avoid_night_time_binges

It is important that each of your meals contains good quality fats and a decent amount of protein. Foods which contain good fats are nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and coconuts. Meat sources of high quality protein are chicken and fish but you can also get a more than adequate amount of protein from a vegetarian diet by consuming things like leafy green vegetables.

5)      Sleep & Relaxation

Comfort eating is something everyone has been guilty of at some point and this can have serious detrimental effects on your diet efforts. Wherever possible, try to avoid stress during the day. Depending on your lifestyle this may be hard for you to achieve but there are several relaxation activities, such as yoga and meditation that can help. There is also a range of breathing exercises that you can do anywhere throughout the day to calm yourself. Making sure you have a regular sleep pattern is also key to avoiding over eating as when your body is well rested you will have a natural energy that will prevent your body from craving sugary snacks as a supplement.

6)       Vitamins & Supplementssix_ways_to_avoid_night_time_cravings

Taking vitamins and supplements cannot only help keep your body balanced with all the things it needs, but can also help prevent food cravings. For example, Omega-3 contains some essential fatty acids that are considered necessary for human health however the body can’t make this on its own. If you’re not eating enough omega-3 rich foods then you should definitely be taking supplements to counteract this. A daily dose of Vitamin D will help to regulate your hormones and balance your insulin levels. This will lead to less desire for night time binging and a generally improved sense of well-being.

Stick to these three tips and you’ll soon find that any desire to ruin your healthy diet fades away, leaving you with a body that will thank you for it!

35 thoughts on “Six Ways to Avoid Night Time Cravings!”

  1. Glad to see this blog. I eat my major meal of the day around 10:30-11am. It’s usually five courses consisting mostly of organic, raw vegetables and fruits. It’s supplemented with either salmon,chicken or turkey topped off with yogurt brownies. Around six pm it’s just a banana or pea. I find that eating more of the right foods will fill you up and take away hunger pains and….weight.

  2. Ah! Just what I need! Thank you for finding my blog..! Couldn’t find your about Page for some reason.. But just wanted to say thank you for your blog! I’m also trying to be more healthier too! Have a great day! ~ Mel

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for this post! It actually made me realize that I need to start taking a vitamin D daily supplement. I moved to Chicago from Miami this year, and as winter started here I started to feel incredibly hungry all the time, specially at night. The days are so short now and it clicked that my hunger is likely linked to vitamin D deficiency. I’m running out to buy some supplements right now!

  4. I usually am a sucker for late night binges- which doesn’t help my digestion obviously, seeing as I just go to sleep right after and literally lie on all that food! The advice about meal timings is great- I have recently tried to be a little more structured with my eating and it does really work 🙂 Great article!

  5. Hi. Your 6 tips are excellent, and I incorporate all into my diet/eating/vitamin plan. However, I’ve been searching for a low-glycemic food that is acceptable for satisfying night cravings, and won’t spike insulin levels. Casein protein…Eggs…Jicama? Your thoughts?

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