Coconut Breakfast Bowls

What better way to combat Monday morning and start the week properly then with a seriously tasty and incredibly healthy Coconut Breakfast Bowl! This is my absolute favourite breakfast treat and is one of the first things I tuck in to on at least three occasions during the week! It’s not just a favourite of mine but also of all four of my kids and is so simple to make that even my oldest at 14 can easily prepare a bowl for the entire family – when she’s feeling helpful that is!

coconutbreakfastbowls3Across all of the Pacific Islands, palm trees are known as ‘The Trees of Life’ and they believe that coconuts are the cure for all illness. Whilst this may not actually be true, coconuts are fantastic for the immune system as they’re anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal – essentially they have the capacity to kill of harmful things which threaten your body. Not only this but they’re also totally delicious and a nutritious source of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fibre. Add to this that they’re loaded with calcium, magnesium and potassium as well as containing a high concentration of electrolytes. I could go on and on and on about these amazing fruits, however instead here is the recipe to make Coconut Breakfast Bowls by yourself. The ingredients listed below are enough to feed two but you can always double up if you have more mouths to feed!


Handful of chopped, fresh coconut
1/2 a banana
1/2 an avocado
1/4 a cucumber
A handful of blueberries
2 dates, de-stoned
8 basil leaves
The juice of 1 lime
1 inch piece of ginger
1 cup coconut water

All you have to do is combine all of the ingredients together in a food processor and blend together! No mess, no fuss then you can serve in a bowl and enjoy!

If you’re looking for a fantastic way to cleanse your body and increase your energy levels then check out my 21-Day Green Smoothie Challenge!  By just including one smoothie a day in your diet you can soon get your body working and looking the way you want it to. With improved energy and a healthier body you’ll also notice that your ability to focus will also improve and you’ll experience better moods.

coconutbreakfastbowls4Having a diet that contains a decent amount of fresh fruit and vegetables is such a great way to maintain your general health and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be difficult or overly expensive. By removing processed, fatty foods from your diet and replacing them with healthier, natural alternatives, you will readily be able to notice that difference in yourself and your attitude to the world around you!

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  1. writingthebody says:

    Goodness, I love this blog. I am replying to this post that I am most sceptical about (but I love it too, and I think I could love you as well!) – but the thing is this – coconut in the Pacific (mind you along with tinned beef and beer and other awful stuff) is seen as a major contributor not just to obesity but also to all kinds of ill health – diabetes, you name it. I know that if people ate just the many wondrous parts of the coconut (its water, its milk, its flesh) and did so in the context of entirely fresh food such as you have here, it would be ok. The trouble is they don’t – and I suspect your readers (yours truly included) don’t either…sorry I am raving on. Forgive me. Just over excited I guess. Anyway, I do not have any idea why you followed my blog (I am just such a loser) – but I definitely know why I am following yours – even this post gets me thinking – I follow you because some of the other post you have done and I am sure will continue to do have beautiful recipes, not to mention interesting reflections on food. I love parsley too btw. I will shut up. Please forgive me raving on like this – if this is annoying I will not be offended at all if you delete it…:)

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Ha you are most welcome to continue ranting 🙂 you raise an interesting point about the use of coconuts. I think the best approach, as with anything in life, is everything in moderation! I hope you continue to visit my blog and offer your insights!

      1. writingthebody says:

        Thank you… I agree!

  2. Hej from Sweden!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my recent post. I just peeked at your blog and it occurred to me that since you seem to be real careful about what you prepare to eat, that you just might be as careful about your personal care priducts. I have recently launched an Eco-Friendly company making 100% Natural goat milk soap. Welcome to my website: eww
    Welcome back to my blog and meet my goats !

    1. juliemontagu says:

      That’s great, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be sure to check out your website, sounds like a great concept 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. The breakfast bowl sounds good. I have just edited a book by Gyorgy Scrinis that might interest you. It’s called Nutritionism and will be released by Columbia University Press in the middle of this year. Best wishes!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Fantastic! I will def. be on the lookout! Are you based in NY then? Am def. wanting to get my own plant-based recipe book out at some point. thus the blog! Have been making these recipes for my 4 kids and thought, nice to have them on a blog and share them out.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leading me back here to yours. Your photos are beautiful and the recipes look amazing. While I do post some “naughty” recipes on my site, I too believe “all things in moderation” and it is so important to me to put healthy food into my family. I am looking forward to reading through your recipes and hope to try some soon.

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Thanks for checking out my site and leaving your thoughts 🙂 I hope you find lots here to inspire your healthy cooking!

  5. Julie, thanks for the follow and the like. I am glad our pepper sauce piqued your interest!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      And thanks to you for stopping by Grass, Roots & Grains!

  6. ADVSponge says:

    Thanks for the follow and like! Love your blog!

  7. Hospitalitylane says:

    What a great site…leaving on vacation 4 two weeks…will visit your site for diet idea…rod

  8. Steph Singer says:

    This looks delicious and your photography is beautiful!

  9. Hi Julie! What an honor it is to have you following my blog now. I have quite a few wonderful followers from Britain and it’s so nice to add another one – even if you’re a transplant 🙂 from Chicago (which I’d love to live in Europe again!) Upon investigating yours, I think it will be fun to follow yours too! Cheers!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Thanks Ellie! Loved your blog, thanks for stopping by and visiting mine 🙂

  10. ohiocook says:

    Very good blog! Thank you for following my blog.

  11. Hi Julie, it’s great to meet you. I love the look of your blog, and your holisitic philosophy. Your coconut breakfast looks absolutely delicious! I’m glad you’re bringing your nutritiional ideas to London and having some success. We British are a little too fond of our bacon butties 🙂 Good luck with your blog and I hope you continue to enjoy your time in London

  12. sudebaker says:

    You make it sound so easy! I would like to try this “bowl of goodness”. It sounds especially enticing for the summer months. Thanks for following my blog 🙂

  13. Love the blog and this recipe! x

  14. Dennis says:

    Thanks for liking my last post. This is nice. Sending to my wife to share.

  15. Julie Israel says:

    Good health, good habits, great food and London– you’re living the life! 🙂

    Looking forward to some awesome recipes here!

  16. Looks pretty good for something healthy.

    Thanks for following my blog. Will be keeping an eye on yours as I do need some more health in my life

  17. bramkamp says:

    Beautiful blog! Thank you for following Newbie Writers Guide, I hope it will be helpful and informative!

  18. bfly30 says:

    love ur pics!! And that looks quite tasty

  19. LadyGrave says:

    What is your advice for getting *into* a fresh coconut? The last time I ate one was several years ago. We were camping, and I think we ended up using a hatchet!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      This can definitely be a tricky process! Check out this link for all you need to know 🙂 thanks for visiting!

  20. Alexa says:

    this looks amazing! definitely a way for me to use my immersion blender!

  21. Thanks, Julie, for you kind comments. Super blog.

  22. Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments. I will now wander through your posts and see if I can put up some needed health tips.

  23. pierrmorgan says:

    Hi Julie. I’m thrilled you’re following my blog because now I can follow yours! I’m allergic (not deathly, but uncomfortably) to just about everything “normal” and I’d rather paint than cook, so imagine how exciting it is to see a photograph of ingredients I could mix together – myself!! – and eat with pleasure, knowing i’m not going to have some physical reaction soon after. Thank you!!!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Sounds like an extreme allergy! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog and found something that’s good for you 🙂

  24. G says:

    Thanks for the follow and like! Your blog is great too!

  25. camparigirl says:

    Am always looking for breakfast ideas. Definitely giving this a try!

  26. Excellent Julie! I’m thrilled to be following your blog. As you know, this recipe is a great brain boost as well with the coconut and blueberry. Keep up the great work!

  27. lizalopoli says:

    Thanks for checking out my most recent post and liking it! I’m excited to have found your blog because it sounds like we have really similar interests. I am currently taking the pre-reqs necessary to get a MS in Nutrition at Bastyr University, and am considering doing the IIN program on the side. I’d love to hear about your IIN experience. I’m also thinking about doing yoga teacher training (food and yoga seem to go hand in hand don’t they?!). Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog and I’ve added you to my reader!

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Thanks for visiting, I was happy to stumble across your blog too! Your course sounds great and I’d love to share my experience with you 🙂 you can reach me on anytime. Thanks!

  28. anakirana says:

    Thanks following my blog, and its awesome blog u have!!! 🙂 ,,its really inspiring blog and healthy one ;),, i did yoga but not certified yet lol, do you know BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL? they have sort of health activities combination of Dancing and Yoga festival in few days. they arrange everything such as hotel, accomodation, etc. you should join in.. maybe you can be instructor too there, as they have also instructor from many countries. 🙂 keep in touch Julie Montagu..

    1. juliemontagu says:

      Festival sounds fantastic! Do you go? Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments 🙂

      1. anakirana says:

        not yet,, but soon if i have the info i’ll inform you :),, its nice to have someone to chill there in BALI haha.. good day! keep in touch.. u have pin bb?or else keep up the post..

  29. berealyoga says:

    Loving your blog, goddess! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  30. amyheight says:

    Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to exploring more of your beautiful posts like this one – coconut is just about the most wonderful food there is, and your breakfast ideas are an inspiring start to the morning! Be well. 🙂

  31. judilyn says:

    Hi Julie – Thanks for looking at my blog. I’m just learning about the merits of coconut, having started using coconut oil in December of last year. Always been a fan of good nutrition, but, nearing 70 YOA, I am upping the stakes in all directions. Not ready to become a vegetarian, but meat appears in small amounts on our table. Will read your blog with interest. ;->

  32. dbubble12 says:

    I am now a follower of yours. The fact that you have great smoothie recipes, which is what I have been looking for, and on top of that I can feed them to my recently picky toddler; I am truly happy to have found you. (I won’t propose; lol) thank you so much for following my blog bubblemomentpages. I am off to write these ingredients on my grocery list.

  33. It’s awesome for me to have a site, which is good in support of my experience. thanks admin

  34. campixn says:

    Reblogged this on Fifth Orbit and commented:
    Healthy and easy way to start your morning

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