Vegan Christmas Meal – Chickpeas with Mushrooms, Chicory and Tomatoes

mushroomsOkay, so this is it – the start of my new Blog on Recipes!  Starting today, Christmas, I will be posting 3 recipes per week – from starters to mains to puddings!  And not only will you find out why these recipes are good for you (I’ll list all the nutritional benefits) but my cooking refrains from using Oils!  All oils are just 100% saturated fat and most of them shouldn’t even be heated!  So, did you know it is SO easy to cook with just a bit of water or if you want to flavour the water – add some Bouillon (Vegan).

After having my yummy Green Christmas Smoothie this morning and watching all 4 kids open their gifts (and yes, our youngest finally got his real live Tarantula – some of you who’ve come to my yoga classes recently probably remember the mentioning of Nestor’s tarantula (while you were all in tree :)) And by Joe, he got it!

So my inspiration for my Christmas meal comes from the new cookbook Veggistan that my sister-in-law gave to me for Christmas.  I’ve definitely jazzed it up.  In fact, the only 3 ingredients we have in common are the chickpeas, tomatoes and garlic.  But I always like looking at yummy cookbooks and then deviating from there.  It’s very satisfying!

On Christmas Eve, I went to Whole Foods and got a good mix of various mushrooms.  Portobello, Enokitake and Oyster.  Get yourself a good selection  as the health benefits of mushrooms are out of this world! Here’s a snippet: They may be small but they pack it in when it comes to vitamins and minerals. One cup of mushrooms includes vitamins C, D, B6 and B12, plus large doses of riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid. These vitamins along with minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and selenium help to keep you healthy!  And, hey – it doesn’t hurt that a major health benefit of mushrooms is weight loss – which might be a good thing after the overindulgence of the holidays!  3 cheers for mushrooms!

While at Whole Foods, I stocked up on Organic Cherry Tomatoes, Chicory, Coriander and Chickpeas.  So here I went and here’s how it went!  Recipe below and enjoy the photos (that was my Christmas pressie from kiddies – a good camera just for this blog!) Merry Christmas everyone and keep coming back for at least 3 recipes per week!





Serves 2

1 garlic clove (finely chopped)
good splash of water (optional to mix with Bouillon)
2 large handfuls of a variety of mushrooms 
1 head of chicory (roughly chopped)
200g cherry tomatoes
1 can (400g) chickpeas, drained
handful of coriander (roughly chopped)
1 teaspoon tumeric

Saute the garlic in some bouillon water – add more when needed.  As the garlic softens, add the mushrooms – again adding splashes of water when needed.  After a couple of minutes, add the tumeric and stir well.  Next, add the tomatoes, chicory and chickpeas.  Allow to cook through for a few more minutes and season with Herbamare to taste.  Tip into a bowl and top with the chopped coriander.


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Christmas Green Smoothie Challenge

Today marked the first day of my first Green Smoothie Challenge – to drink one green smoothie per day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas, and the 12 days after Christmas.

The festive period is more often than not, associated with indulgence. High up on that list is, for many people, food and drink. What with all the Christmas parties, home baking, and edible gifts, many people find that they gain quite a few pounds over the Christmas period. Not only this, but many people often then find it extremely hard to then shift those extra pounds in the new year – hence why I came up with the Christmas Green Smoothie Challenge. Not only does a Christmas challenge involve far less pressure than a January crash “detox”, but embarking on a green smoothie challenge in the days running up to Christmas which can be stress-filled – rushing around in the cold, shopping, cooking, attending drinks parties and having a little less sleep than usual, means that your body is given a generous dose of vital vitamins and minerals to help keep colds, and dare i say it, hangovers at bay.

This isn’t a diet, or detox, it is simply an encouragement to add all things green into your daily diet. You can still eat your regular foods, but drink one fresh green smoothie per day, preferably first thing in the morning. Drinking one green smoothie per day will help your immune system and may even keep those sugar cravings at bay – why you may even stop at just one mince pie!

Participants will be receiving a daily inspirational email from me with additional recipes, some great yoga poses and healthy eating and living tips.

I will be posting photos and messages throughout the challenge, and for anyone that is participating I would absolutely love to hear how you’re getting on. Feel free to email or leave a message or photo on my facebook page.

 Read more about the details of the challenge here.

Lots of smoothie love,